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New Bike

Wonder all mixed up with dread, F got a new bike over the holiday weekend. Great trepidation spun into sincere pride, it’s been a big step. For me. For F, it’s just another joy, another leap into the chapters of requisite or quintessential childhood. To F, I think this feels fresh and cool like dipping his toes into a new stream. Although I’ve seen fear in his eyes for small moments while on the bike, most of the time his face is lit with exhilaration. When he’s spinning his pedals it really looks as if he feels he’s flying. And allowing those wings to unfold is the privilege and pleasure of parenting. It’s just that:

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Seattle Mama Doc 101: One Step to Remove Toxins from your Home

Thank you reader Max for your question on facebook: “Environmental and food toxins. What should we be most vigilant about? Where can we be most effective in protecting our kids?”

Here is one thing you can start immediately to reduce environmental toxin exposure in your home. Many more tips to come.

Environmental Working Group’s “Healthy Home Tips for Parents”‘

EPA’s Ten Tips to Protect Children from Chemical and Lead Poisoning”

Please leave additional topic ideas and suggestions for the Seattle Mama Doc video series as comments at Seattle Mama Doc 101: Introduction.