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It’s Time For A Flu Shot

Why To Get A Flu Shot (Cliff Notes):

Influenza causes more hospitalizations than any other vaccine-preventable illness. It’s not just kids at risk for complications (asthmatics, diabetics, children with complex heart disease or immune problems) that die from the flu. Nearly 1/2 the children who died in this last year in the US were well, healthy children. PREVENT influenza, get a flu shot for all the members of your family. Although the flu vaccine dose is the same as last year, it’s recommended we all get a dose this season. For children who didn’t have a dose last year under the age of 9: they need 2 doses this year, separated by 1 month.

Links worth reviewing:

10 Things To Know About Influenza

Seasonal Influenza 2011-2012 from the AAP

Summary describing CDC data on complications and deaths from Influenza this past year

Flu Information from Seattle Childrens

ERRATA: I said that 46% of all children who died between Aug 2010 and Aug 2011 were healthy kids. The correct number is even higher: 49% of the 115 children who died in the US were healthy children without significant flu risks. My apologies.

One Family Meal, A World Of Difference

Good Reads (Data) On Family Meals:

Correlations Between Family Meals and Teen Well-Being

Adolescent Risk and Mealtime Routines

Don’t have 100 or so seconds? Here’s the Cliff Notes on what I said:

Family meals matter. Not because of the fruits and veggies but because of the communication that occurs. Any meal can be a family meal (breakfast on Tuesday or supper on Sunday). Don’t think only about dinner. Aim for 100% of your family at these precious events, but I say anything over 50% will make a difference in not only your child’s, but also your life.


Every Teen Needs A Yearly Physical

What Can Babies Do At 12 Months? Seattle Mama Doc 101

I found my sons’ first birthdays very emotional. Magical, even. Looking back provided great perspective on how much can happen in 1 year of time. What our children accomplish in the first 12 months is simply astonishing.

Expected milestones at 1 year of age:

AAP’s comprehensive summary of 12 Month Milestones

CDC’s Important Milestones By The End of 1 Year (English & Spanish)

Back to School – Seattle Mama Doc 101

Back to school is an exciting, albeit stressful time.

If your kids are school age, have your kids take the Stress-o-Meter quiz. I’d even suggest you have them take it today and then take it again in a few weeks to compare. The beauty of the test is that not only does the stress-o-meter measure stress symptoms, it incorporates and gives credit for stress-relieving activities.

Like I said in the video, the most important thing you may do around the start of school is listen to your child rather than provide advice and solutions. Tips from the AAP on making the First Day of School Easier and information on helping children with School Avoidance may help you as well.

For more, check out the American Psychological Association’s report entitled Stress in America. Eye opening, indeed.

School start is a great beginning and a wonderful time of year for most children. Carve out extra time with your kids if you can and enjoy the return to school and the start of September!

Protecting Infants From The Sun: Seattle Mama Doc 101

Here’s why to avoid sunscreen for babies under 6 months (when you can) and ways to protect babies from the sun.

For more on protecting your baby and children from the sun read:

Seattle Mama Doc 101: Teething and Fever

My take on teething & fever in the above video. What is your baby’s favorite thing to chew on? Do you have any advice for parents with teething babies?

And, do you disagree with the data–do you think your baby has/had fever from teething?

More information on FDA recalls:

Seattle Mama Doc 101: 3 Month Developmental Milestones

For more information:

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Seattle Mama Doc 101: One Step to Remove Toxins from your Home

Thank you reader Max for your question on facebook: “Environmental and food toxins. What should we be most vigilant about? Where can we be most effective in protecting our kids?”

Here is one thing you can start immediately to reduce environmental toxin exposure in your home. Many more tips to come.

Environmental Working Group’s “Healthy Home Tips for Parents”‘

EPA’s Ten Tips to Protect Children from Chemical and Lead Poisoning”

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Seattle Mama Doc 101: What is the Choking Game?