I continue to feel privileged to share my thoughts here. Blogging has become a huge and stable part of my life. When I celebrated my 2-year blogging birthday back in November, I realized sharing insight online is a pillar in my job as a physician. I suspect providing insight and expertise will be more and more a part of the job of my peers as time unfolds. And I remain convinced that as long as patients are online, I must be, too. Reality is, I have more time online with some of my patients than I do in the exam room. I believe this experience is a peephole into the future of elegant, efficient health care. And I trust this is just the beginning. 268 posts and counting…

Here’s a line up of the “greatest hits” from 2011. I must admit I was somewhat surprised by the list, but these are the 10 posts that resonated most (as indicated by number of times viewed) over the calendar year although not all of them were written in 2011. Some recent posts were nearly in contention for the top 10 but just haven’t had the shelf life as those from early in 2011. From the Tsunami in Japan to the adventures in potty training to one incredible, heart felt guest post!

Thank you to all of you for joining me here and for teaching me so much. I am constantly and forever indebted to you…

Seattle Mama Doc 2011 Top 10 “Greatest Hits”

  1. Science Of The Soft Spot — Science of the soft spot in babies (anterior fontanelle) including a 3D CT scan reconstruction of an infant skull.
  2.  If It Were My Child, No Tylenol Before Shots — Some data behind why I believe there is no good reason to pre-medicate with acetaminophen prior to shots.
  3. Colic, Crying And The Period of PURPLE Crying — An overview of “colic” and baby crying in first few months as well as a link to a Good Morning America Health interview I did.
  4. Japan Tsunami: Reminder To Prepare — How to prepare your home and family for an unexpected catastrophic event.
  5. Fast Paced Media And Four Year-Olds: Cartoons On The Brain — A post about new research exploring the effects of fast-paced cartoons over slower ones on the executive function of 4 year-olds.
  6. If It Were My Child, No Baby Food Before 4 Months — Research finds early introduction of solid foods may increase risk of obesity.
  7. Four Hours On A School Bus — A guest blog from an incredible friend about the “food allergy tax” & how parents go well out of their way to protect their children with severe food allergies, over and over again.
  8. Radiation Disasters: No Potassium Iodide — After the horrific tragedy in Japan, many families worried about effects of radiation moving over the West Coast of the US. This is an overview of the risks of radiation and why I didn’t recommend using potassium iodide (KI) in children.
  9. Pull Ups & Potty Training — An overview (and video) on how and why to ditch the diapers at night as soon as you can…
  10. Treating Ear Infections With Antibiotics — New research (Jan 2011) on using antibiotics for ear infections. A reminder of how less really can be more.

So that was 2011. The blog has had a big spike in readership this last month and we’ve welcomed many new visitors. So I wonder, what do you want to hear about in 2012? I have a series of posts I have been working on about the HPV vaccine, another on sudden cardiac death screening, and one post brewing about IQ testing in children. But what else are you waiting for? Tell me and I’ll do my best to heed the call.