OuchlessOuch. Another recall. But this time for the ouchless shot, the nasal mist H1N1 vaccine. The CDC announced last night that there is recall of about 4.7 million doses of nasal spray H1N1 immunizations. These are nasal spray vaccines used in children (and adults) over the age of 2 years. This is just a set-back in protecting our country (and the globe) from the harms of H1N1. No, not a safety concern. Not conspiracy. Rather, a concern that doses are losing potency over time. Think shelf-life. The issue or concern is that these shots may not have the potency level we want over time to remain effective. It’s like that old watercolor you made for your mom in 5th grade fading in the sun.  Or when you run out of Kool-Aid mix and you stretch it to make more.  The worry is these doses may be less effective with time.

The AAP and the CDC feel the shots that have been given have had normal potency up to this point.  No repeat doses need to be given.  You won’t have to spend your Christmas Day at the doc re-doing the immunization, after all.  The real bummer is that we’re now losing lots and lots of vaccine that could have protected many children and adults from harm. Just as many counties in Washington state have been lifting restrictions on who can get H1N1 (we’re now able to give to healthy adults and those over 65 years of age the shots) another set back. Sigh. Now, go back to your holiday-ing.  And enjoy O’s ouchless moment on the beach last week (above pic). I’ll keep you posted if I learn more.