Let's Move Atta girl, Michelle Obama. Thank you for the personal, passionate and most excellent articulation of a big problem facing nearly 1/3 of all children in the US today.

Michelle Obama’s introduction of Let’s Move to end childhood obesity in one generation will do wonders.

Thank you, Michelle. I know we’re not personally friends but you do send me regular e-mails and sign them, “Michelle.” So we’ll go forth on a first name basis. And whenever you’re ready for a play date, I’m game.  Let’s meet at your house; we’ll introduce the husbands.

Let’s end the obesity challenge for our children, now. Speaking of now, now that about 1/3 of the children I see in the office are overweight, I spend hours (read: hours) every day in clinic talking about it. I worry our country’s problem with obesity isn’t going away any time soon. As a pediatrician I can help my patients gain perspective and knowledge but I ultimately need my patients to help themselves move more, eat right and turn off the TV. They need help from their families and communities to do this. Hard to do. Like most things in my life, these kids (and all of us!) need a lot of help from our friends.


The word deserves it’s own sentence despite the lack of noun, verb, object of the preposition type requisites of normal sentences. In blogworld (o-sphere?), I get to use fragments and triumph over my beastly grammar check. Obesity: it’s bigness and a big problem.

Here’s what I like about the new initiative, Let’s Move, that Michelle announced from The White House yesterday, despite the snow. Lots of links to learn more, clickfest below:

  • Michelle Obama is sharing her story. Making it personal helps. Stories matter <—Watch this video. What we hear changes what we do. The First Lady’s story matters. Hearing more than one story, or one blog, is essential to gain a complete understanding. I am delighted to hear that Michelle Obama is willing to tell us her story of her children and efforts to fight obesity in her own home. While she discusses the seemingly simple, yet enormous challenge all parents face when trying to get their kids to eat right and exercise enough, she instructs. Getting a peek inside those big white doors helps.
  • The more we talk about reversing obesity, the more we learn from each other and the more we preserve our children’s health. This is getting people talking. Twitter was on fire today with chatter about Let’s Move. Let’s end the childhood obesity epidemic. <—-Webinar. Webinar is to seminar as obesity is to__________? Come on SAT skills…
  • The problem of obesity is complex. Behaviors that lead to children to overeat and under-move/under-exercise are what is getting us into trouble. Studies find that obesity in children is slowing but not retreating.  Now is the time to pounce.
  • This is not just about appearances. Although devastating and overwhelming for some teens who feel “fat,” the problem with obesity is also what fat looks like on the inside. Children who are obese are more likely to be obese as adults.
  • 3 things can improve a child’s weight. Easy to think about, hard to implement. Eat well, limit TV & screen time, and sleep enough. Really and truly, data to back this up!
  • Let’s Move can bring a reality to check to lots of children! Many studies have found that adolescents who are overweight often don’t believe they’re overweight. Convenient self-denial or simple misunderstandings? Go to your pediatrician and find out where your child falls on the growth grid. Yearly.

Go to those yearly check-ups.  Find out where your child is on the weight spectrum. And follow along as Michelle Obama helps make change and gets us moving. Atta girl, First Lady! Thanks for the help.