Back to school is an exciting, albeit stressful time.

If your kids are school age, have your kids take the Stress-o-Meter quiz. I’d even suggest you have them take it today and then take it again in a few weeks to compare. The beauty of the test is that not only does the stress-o-meter measure stress symptoms, it incorporates and gives credit for stress-relieving activities.

Like I said in the video, the most important thing you may do around the start of school is listen to your child rather than provide advice and solutions. Tips from the AAP on making the First Day of School Easier and information on helping children with School Avoidance may help you as well.

For more, check out the American Psychological Association’s report entitled Stress in America. Eye opening, indeed.

School start is a great beginning and a wonderful time of year for most children. Carve out extra time with your kids if you can and enjoy the return to school and the start of September!