O has added some syllables to his vocabulary over the last 10 days. And they are simply delightful. Precious, really.

Warning: this post sounds like it’s written by his mom.

O has been embellishing his sentences with a little “eeeee” at the end of words. The Popsicle is now “cold-eeee” when he grabs it. The stove is “hot-eeee.” And when “Momm-eee” and “Dad-eee” walk in the door, it’s, “Hi-eeee!”

I love it. The error, the innocence, and the experimenting. It’s as if he’s trying English on and adding accessories. A belt here, an extra bracelet there. He’s learning how to use his language rather than just repeat it and mix it up. When people say, “Gosh O looks like you,” or “O looks just like _____,” I usually say, “To me, he looks like O.” Because that’s how I see it. But now he sounds like O, too. A pattern and change that are all his own. Just like when F used to say, “kokay.”

It’s one of those delectable little things your toddler says in error that you hold on to for dear life. I know that like grasping at time or holding onto air, it’s senseless. Too soon, the “eeeee” is going to vanish. So for now, I’m holding on as tightly as I can while trapeeeeezing through time.