So we don’t have our nanny today. This was intentional, a way to carve out some time with my boys. Our nanny hasn’t had a week day off in months and months. All well and good except I needed to finish a blog post and a letter I’m writing for an advocacy effort. F is at school. O went to music this morning with Grandma. And nap time (now) was supposed to be used for writing. Oh how I expect the plans to work….I am working on finishing a blog post on traditions, and the one I keep promising on booster seats.

But O isn’t napping today. I think it’s the first day in the history of time that he has skipped his nap. He has a crummy cold, he’s markedly congested, and has a barky cough. He is mouth breathing because he has so much snot in his nose. Subsequently, he keeps awkening and then screams and cries. I’m back up in my office just now after my third attempt to rock him back to sleep. But I’m faltering. I know, I mean I know, that if I gave him that pacifier back, he’d konk out and sleep. Despite the effort to keep him as comfortable as possible: 1/2 tsp of honey before nap (to dimish cough), the humidifier running (dimish cough/humidify his nasal airway), and his comfy jammies for nap, I am missing something. In the puzzle of life, I know that pacifier would fit perfectly.

Of course, it’s the small picture solution and a wreck for the big picture (successfully weaned pacifier). Doing my best to take my own advice. But it got me wondering, have any of you gone back on your pacifier plan and given it back to your child in a moment of “weakness” for care or comfort? What happened? Am I right when I say it will be harder to wean the next time? Share.

I need some support before I go rummaging through the shelves/garbage/pockets in search of that pacifier…