He exceeded expectations. Our little boys do that, it seems. And like every parent, I glow and gleam and glitter when they do. Today little O exceeded. Today was O’s first day of school. And although I am the one who housed the separation anxiety this morning, I expected him to miss us at some point. Pick his head up and look for  me. Or look back over his shoulder. Or ask where we were. Or wonder about his role in the room. Or go looking for his brother.

Turns out, no. The note from the head teacher described a “duck to water” and “no moments of upset.” No accidents. No crying. No trouble. She ended the email with “watching him smile all over the place was a joy.” Are you kidding me? Yes, that’s my boy. My Our boy.

This is no guarantee for tomorrow, and I get that and I expect the tantrums and the imperfect moments, too. But this is a day to celebrate. 3 years ago today I was on bed rest. Wondering, worrying, wishing, and hoping for health. Today my little boy started school. It is jaw-dropping-roof-blow-off-mesmerizing moment for me. What these children can do. For themselves and for those of us privileged enough to witness their lives. Independence is an incredible gift.

O marched into his role as a preschool-student triumphantly. The only one in tears was me. And then his brother, at the end of the day. Sometimes this little boy lays out his scientific method for strength. Like a Marine, he’s always happy to be the first one through the door.

It’s love. I feel just.pure.love.