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I give thanks every day for friends, mentors, teachers, collaborators, and family like you. It’s been a sincere privilege to share thoughts here. I’m always amazed at the depth of reflection that washes over me as the year comes to a close. However pre-conceived this day seems for reflection, today has me in its grip. The end of 2012 is filled with far more information about being a parent, being a patient, and being a pediatrician than the beginning held for me. More on that tomorrow, but for today I just want to say thank you for reading.

Here’s a list of the “greatest hits” of 2012. The list is based on the number of views and shares but also the impact these posts had on discussions about pediatric health and parenting. One post is included primarily on the number of people who went out of their way in person to discuss it with me. Please accept my sincere thank you for your insights, reflections, contests, partnership, and loyalty to learning and growing into parenting and pediatrics with me.

May you welcome in a beautiful, healthy 2013 tonight.

2012 Mama Doc Greatest Hits

  • TIME Magazine And The Mommy Middle Road This is a reaction/reflection to the TIME Magazine cover with a preschooler actively (potentially) breast feeding while standing on a stool. It’s about motherhood, finding confidence in our choices and knowing that yes, of course, you’re Mom Enough.
  • 4 Reasons Toddlers Wake Up At Night A list of reasons toddlers awaken their parents at night and 100+ comments/explanations for parents seeking the solace of a good night’s sleep.
  • What Does TV Do To My Kid’s Brain The post I share most often in clinic with families. This post and TEDx video included showcases some science on how and why television viewing changes the way your child thinks.
  • Cocoon A Newborn: Only An Email Away After a terrible year with a whooping cough epidemic (over 4,700 positive cases documented in Washington) leaving many sick and one newborn dead in our state, this post remains an essential read for new parents. Please share this widely. You’ll never know the life you save but it will happen eventually…
  • BPOD Best Part Of Day. A new habit in our home that has focused attention, enhanced mindfulness, and brought gratitude to the forefront.
  • Science of the Soft Spot A post from 2010 that continues to welcome traffic. I’d like to think the reason this continues to be read so frequently is because of this: “The essence of parenthood I suppose is that stew of anxiety-thrill-dread-adoration-excitement as the days unfold and you hope for new things for your little baby while lamenting the loss of precious moments of who your baby is on a Monday in January.”  However, I suspect it’s because of the included 3D image of a baby’s skull illuminating the shape and anatomy of the soft spot and the explanation of how and why it closes.
  • Understanding Risks For SIDS I think I imparted more science and more knowledge on how to protect a newborn from SIDS with the graphic, post and video I made here than with any other. It’s the video of 2012 for which I am most proud.
  • How To Dose Acetaminophen and Ibuprofen: A chart that lists all currently available preparations of acetaminophen and ibuprofen along with dosing for parents to babies and toddlers. However banal this seems, we worried parents would love infant and toddler doses on the label…
  • Marissa Mayer Back To Work My rant about the criticism (particularly from pediatricians) of one working mom’s decision to return to the work and our need for improved support for all models of work-life-balance.
  • Imperfect Pediatrics Where I envision a better pediatric practice for parents and pediatricians.