Maui rainbow, December 28th

Maui rainbow, December 28th

I’m so thankful and humbled by all of the comments and dialogue here on Seattle Mama Doc. Since the inception of the blog in 2009, we’ve had more than 1 million different readers. For that I remain somewhat amazed and also astonishingly grateful. I really love detailing what I learn about caring for children and hold dear the opportunity to share what science holds. Writing about health care while wedding evidence with anecdotes remains a huge focus for me. I am so thankful to be a mother and doctor, practicing and writing, today. I am so grateful for all of your help.

I started 2013 blogging about my experience of being diagnosed with malignant melanoma, the process of renewal, and my hopes for 2013. I set out goals for the year:


In 2013 I will devote more time for renewal, more time for honing intent, more time for intimacy with my children and family, and more time for reflection. And with this, I hope to do more than ever before. It’s obvious: we people, we parents, we caregivers, we partners — we have such a good shot at making things even better

I wouldn’t say I’m springing into 2014 perfectly achieving the above but I do think I have had more time for reflection this past year, I’ve found clarity, and I’ve gotten quite a bit done. I started a new job as the Executive Director of Digital Health at Seattle Children’s, finished my book, and have spent significant time with my boys. Our focus on family dinner has worked and our daily BPOD remains a treasured part of everyday for me. We’ve extended the boys’ bedtime routine with longer books and longer snuggles. And I’m exercising more now than I was a year ago.

As I work to resist feeling like the boys are growing up too fast I remain astonished at the joys of parenting. Although I do admit my quarterly crisis about work-life-balance continues to rear its head (more on that later this week or next) I’m sincerely thankful to be healthy and happy as I approach 2014. I really do feel so happy to be alive.

Here’s some of the “greatest hits” and a few things worth looking at, in my opinion, from 2013. Much of the most-read content on the blog in 2013 was from the archives:

2013 “Greatest Hits” & IMO Posts Worth A Peek:

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Malala Yousafzai interviews and inspires on Jon Stewart. When she says, “Why should I wait for someone else…why don’t I raise my voice?” she really does instruct us all. Make sure you watch through minute marker 5:35 where Stewart says something entirely charming and delightful.

The movie Girl Rising is worth your time and money. Get everyone you know to see it as I trust it will inspire and change you.  “There is no miracle here, just a girl with dreams”

Ditching the princess this mom photographed her daughter dressed up as inspiring women — beautiful.

And what about this — Moms come in and describe how they parent, then their kids come in and describe them. Fascinating.

The Power of Empathy Beautiful, insightful video.

Here’s to a safe, healthy, and Happy New Year’s.