Happy Birthday, Blog.  Welcome.  Welcome to Children’s. I hope life unfolds easily for you.

We’ve been waiting for you.  Prepping the room, painting the walls, putting things in piles. We’re hoping for great things from you.  I painted the walls yellow, not knowing what flavor you’d be.  I hope we can make you prosper. That you will serve as a reminder of how lucky we are.  And by helping other people and making them laugh and smile you will remind them of their well-being.  I’ve been studying and thinking, seeing patients, and feeding the kids dinner, then tucking them into bed at home.  I’ve been awaiting the day when you could come out and be born, too.

Shout and scream like a good newborn.

May we make change.  Help others find their way to do what is right for their kids.  Just like we’re trying to do every day in my house.

Happy Birthday, Seattle Mama Doc.  May all your wishes come true.