Twenty Ten, Two Thousand Ten. However you say it, we have arrived. Welcome back to school days. The rigor of productivity. We had the tantrum of the century this AM at our house which we’ve decided to include in our new in-home, Swanson special list of “mega-tantrums.” In medicine, mega is inserted into terminology as if to clarify like in, “mega meatus.” Translation: a big meatus. Re-entry to real life is mega-tough stuff. In the hope that we can continue to live out our previous week’s break from the route schedule that is upon us, I’ll hit rewind and go back 3 days.For the last three years since we’ve had children, we’ve spent New Years with our best friends in Seattle. After the kids are in bed, we go around the table and list our predictions and hopes for the year to come. For the first time, we wrote them down this year and added a new category, dreams. Likelihood of coming true goes something like this: Prediction>Hope>Dream. This year, our new neighbors dropped by around 1am (why ever did we stay up this late?) on New Years and contributed to the list, too.

A random sampling of the responses at our table, please excuse the political overtones.

PREDICTIONS: “2010 will be easier on all of us than 2009,” “Obama’s reputation will be saved by climate legislation,” “I’ll paint the trim in the house white.”

HOPES: “Good health,” “My Dad can retire by 12/31/10,” “My mother-in-law’s cancer treatment is successful.”

DREAMS: “F will be potty trained,” “Obama is as good of a man as we think he is,” “I work less,” “Chevy Volt will save GM.”

My contributions are all in there and I’m not the one who mentioned the far-off dream about potty training, btw. Watch 7 seconds of my life from last week (video below). To me, it’s full of genuine joy and then, real hope. A prediction for a good year of dreaming big, indeed.