Nosebleeds are a common frustration during childhood. Although finger-nose-picking is a common cause, other climate changes (dry), medication use (nasal sprays), and other medical problems (rarely) can be the cause. The best advice? Don’t panic. And do your best to help prevent nosebleeds: stop the picking (GOOD LUCK), use humidifiers in children’s rooms, nasal saline spray, or Vaseline. And, keep a towel handy. One of the best ways to calm down when the blood is gushing is to sop it all up.

My quick tips:

Don’t Panic.

Don’t stick anything up your child’s nose to stop the bleeding.

Don’t have your child lean back, rather apply pressure to the nose for 10 complete minutes while your child is tipped slightly forwards.

Healthy Children’s Tips on Stopping nosebleeds

Nosebleeds, See A Doctor If:

  • Bleeding does not stop in 20 minutes, after you’ve applied pressure.
  • If you think your child may have put something in their nose or something is stuck there (like a bead).
  • Your child has more than 3 nosebleeds in 24 hours
  • Your child gets frequent (weekly or even monthly), heavy or hard-to-stop nosebleeds
  • The nosebleed is a result of a blow to the head or serious fall
  • If your child is dizzy or is weak with the nosebleed