F TriToday is being offered up as a day to set aside for listening.  Just after a day of thankfulness.  This is kind of a nice one-two punch. Especially when we’re often around extended family on this particular Friday on the calendar.  I’d not heard of this until 10am today when NPR posted this on Facebook.

Thanksgiving Day then Listening Day. I like it.

The idea is sponsored by StoryCorps, an NPR segment I listen to and love.  Due to the circumstance of my life: two kids under the age of 3 years, 2 jobs, a husband who is as busy as I am, AKA choreographed mayhem, the only time I hear StoryCorps is in the car.  Despite the distraction of driving, it often leaves me with tears in my eyes.  The stories make me feel grateful or sad or function as reminders of people in my life with whom I need to connect. Some of the simple, sincere interviews can quickly go right to the center of me like little x-rays.  My tears are easy to uncover even though all those pregnancy hormones have washed away.  I’m a crier.  You should know this.  Even when watching animated films, I stash tissues in my pockets in anticipation.  Storycorps airs on Friday mornings at 7:30am. There have been plenty of Fridays in the past year when I arrived at clinic for my first patient with mascara running down my face. I’m not so much a crier when in the white coat, but before it’s on, yes.

A day of structured listening.  We do a lot of listening as parents.  Understatement of the century.  This morning, for example my listening started around 2 am and returned at about 5am and then restarted for good at 6am when O decided to sing out from the edges of the pack n play.  The morning’s official announcement that Friday had started.  We’re visiting my in-laws in California for the holiday and the four of us are sharing one room.  O is sleeping and napping in a portable crib wedged in the closet, F is on the floor on an inflatable mattress between the door and the bed where my husband and I are tucked in at night.  It turns out this sleeping arrangement has inspired a lot of listening. O is playing the part of the muse.  Infants are so good at this.

As we all know, listening to your kids or to your parents or to your friends can be one of the wonderful things we find time for in the day.  It’s not every day that we do.

So do this even if you find yourself busy.  Turn off all the noise.  Listen to someone you love.  Ask questions.  Record your listening.  Do this tomorrow if not today. This will only give your family little yummy morsels of captured time to chew on now and in the future.

I’ll do the same. Let’s think of it as a Thanksgiving party favor.

National Day Of Listening