Seattle Mama DocThis blog caters to one principle I’ve learned along the way:  Parents just want to do what is right. The desperate love we have for our children can shock us into good and sometimes bad decisions.  I believe parents search for and sincerely desire simple answers to the How-What-Why–Who, the essence of doing right for their children.  Often it’s not a simple, isolated situation, and/or one as complicated as it may feel.  And, the abundance of online noise invokes fear in all of us.  Over time, I hope to illuminate the reality that in pediatrics, doing less is often more.  Prevention reigns.

Parents just want to do what is right.

It’s the defining what’s right that on occasion remains elusive.

We all want information to facilitate decisions that let us rest easier at night.  Having my own two children makes this reach for what is right palpable.  I want to help you decipher some of the current medical news I juggle, both in my life as a pediatrician and mother.  I will share my stories and tell how it all feels to me.  I will ask my colleagues, peers and friends for help, and uncover powerful lessons to share. I’ll offer online helpful resources, and share methods I learn from patients, friends and family, both in and out of the medicine, to help me find answers.

Read. Listen. Trust. Speak.