She RaOur nanny called in sick yesterday. I felt like a She-Woman (think gender equal of He-man circa 1988) after making it through the day. Maybe it’s more, She-Ra. Between the hours of 7:50am when I got the call and 5:50pm when I sat down to dinner with my little boys I :

  • Kissed the husband goodbye.
  • Convinced Grandma to watch O for the day.
  • Packed up O’s things, along with the dog, threw them (okay not really) in the car.
  • Got F ready.
  • Dropped L (the dog) & O (the boy) both off at Grandma’s house.
  • Took F to day number 2 of preschool. He clung, cried, clawed for me to stay. Heart-breaking.
  • Arrived at Children’s by 9am. Thank you very much. I take a bow.
  • Finally published a blog post on chlorine, drowning, swimming lessons, and my opinions on a bad study.
  • Returned e-mails. Many.
  • Realized I forgot my Iphone at home. Then realized I sat at a desk for the day that had no phone.
  • Realized I was nearly undetectable for a few hours. Motivating. Got work done.
  • Called Grandma to make sure O was okay, informed her I had no phone or pager on.
  • Went to a local radio station downtown and recorded public service announcements. This only after my genius decision to have milk for lunch for the first time in 2 decades. Cleared my throat an extra 12 times while recording.
  • Returned more e-mails, went to meetings.
  • Corrected spelling mistakes.  Note: spell check has officially ruined the spelling cul-de-sac that once existed in my brain.
  • Picked up F.  Hurrah!
  • Picked up O at Grandma’s. Double Hurrah!
  • Picked up L (the dog). Woof.
  • Arrived home and made dinner for the boys. Annie’s Mac & Cheese, broccolini, ham, palm hearts, apple, and avocado. Yes, this felt gourmet under the circumstances.

And yes, I am patting myself on the back.

I do feel as though it would have been easier to lift up the left corner of our house for 3 minutes.

Luna (the dog) turns Cringer, then Battle Cat(Dog). The Husband turns He-Man.

You know you have your He-Man-She-Woman-She-Ra equivalent moments, too. When no one else knows what a Herculean task it was just to get your body to work. Some morning disaster like kid vomit or car breaks down or car won’t start or no milk in house or no child care or kid spits up on the first 2 outfits you put on or power out or ice storm car door sealed shut or phone call with bad news or ummm, I dunno, the dog ran off. But you find your Master of the Universe from within and you triumph, arriving at work on time. Or at a reasonable time. You slip in, grab your pencil and put your head down as if it were nothing. As if you’d had a long shower, a nice breakfast, read the paper, sipped a cappuccino, and strolled into work while chatting on the phone. Yup. You got ’em fooled.

Hopefully, me too.