Ever wonder how the CDC makes the vaccine schedule? For example, how they decide when to start a dosing series (at birth versus a year of age versus age 11) or why pediatricians and other clinicians recommend the number of shots that we do?

Ever want to let them know your thoughts about how the schedule feels to you and what values you feel should contribute to changes?

This is your moment. For real.

Often, when I talk with families in clinic about immunizations they reflect a feeling of overwhelm by not only the number of vaccines their children receive at a given time, but the number of different inoculations that we give throughout childhood. Do you want to share your voice with those who make the schedule? Or your frustration, your confusion, or your knowledge about the vaccine schedule? This is a rare opportunity right here in the Puget Sound.

The CDC is holding 4 community meetings around the US to hear from and work with parents. They want parents to help shape the schedule and they want your help. One meeting is just north of Seattle on July 12th. The CDC wants to hear about your values, your priorities, and your needs while they set the vaccine schedule. Leadership from the CDC, along with state health educators, will be on hand to listen to you and exchange thoughts. There is even a $75 stipend if you register ahead of time and attend the whole event.

Register by filling out this form (click “survey” on the link)

I’ve got no disclaimer here–I am not involved in this meeting. I just think many of you may want to join. This is a great opportunity to contribute your wisdom in how we protect not only your child, but all of the children in our community from vaccine-preventable illness. This is a way to be heard by those who make decisions that form the vaccine schedule and discuss new changes. Join them?

Be an absolute advocate for a day.

  • If you go, what will you say?
  • Do you have questions, comments, or thoughts that I can share with the community meeting organizers?
  • If you can’t make it, what would you say? (hint: I’ll pass it on)